Applications surround us. They power our devices and astound us with the way the get stuff done. We are working to create a portfolio of applications.


Games are a form of entertainment as old as time. As humans we have always found way to entertain ourselves. Technology just gives us the tools to do it on a grand scale

Visual Novels

Visual novels make the magic of books come alive by providing an interactive medium for the dissemination of information


Why The Battle of Adwa?

As a company with a mission to improve education using technology, we are already on a mission to bridge a gap in the current educational landscape.

To this end, we decided that the best way to proceed was to use a neglected area of the current curriculum which is African history. This area will provide a showcase for our skills and open up opportunities for expansion to other areas in education.

This year marks 120 years since The Battle of Adwa. In doing the research for this story, a lot of interesting characters emerge. The link between this story and the events in World War II are a subject worth studying.